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Why should micro and small business utilise Online Offices


There are lots of advantages to small and micro business of outsourcing their administrative functions.

Micro and small business have a great deal to contribute to building the economy. To do this, they most ensure that they are cost effective.

Business Context

Whether your business is large, medium, small or micro, all business should constantly evolve and seek to embrace technological advances to improve business outputs and outcomes.

These factors are particularly important to micro and small businesses where being cost efficient can make the difference between saying afloat or your business going under!

Micro and small businesses are vital to economic growth thus technological advances can enable significant:

  • financial and time savings.
  • improvement in customer services.
  • improvement in business inputs and outputs.
  • improvement in business efficiency and effectiveness.

Such factors can provide micro and small businesses with a competitive edge over their larger counterparts in multifaceted ways.


Technology remains vital for small and micro businesses to grow and intelligent outsourcing allows business owners to focus on critical needs and growth. However, one area in particular remains central to success is the importance for business to have good quality customer response times and customer services.  This is particularly important for micro-enterprises where the owner has to wear a number of hats, including, book-keeper, administrator, sales person, all whilst often meeting the needs of their family too.  Micro business owners often struggle with work-life-balance due to the multi-faceted requirements that are placed upon their working day.

Outsourcing administrative tasks and functions can prove to be a very time and cost-effective way of balancing the many processes that are required.

Outsourcing administrative functions can bring about major benefits to a company of any size such as:

  • Employment: Saving your company the time, risks, liabilities and costs associated with staff employment.
  • There are also cost savings by not having to provide office space for your admin or in some cases for all employees as it is becoming more accessible and flexible to find innovative ways of improving employee work-life-balance whilst promoting new ways of working.
  • Many business are now promoting flexible desk sharing thus an Online Office is most appropriate for business that are seeking to mobiles their staff to flexible or static working.
  • Telephone Answering: Enabling your business calls to be answered, messages taken and appointments booked.  This service can save vital business hours and prevent opportunities for distraction. (Silver Package only).
  • Notwithstanding the opportunity to do business given many potential opportunities are lost due to the customer simply terminating the call and opting to use a supplier that actually answers the call.

Cloud Technologies: Utilising the power of the internet can bring about massive opportunities to enable flexible working which can help to cut sickness absence and loss of productivity hours.

RedVAS: enables you to access all of your admin processes from anywhere in the world whether it be your home office, car or hotel.

A wide range of services can be accessed from Red Virtual Administration Service (RedVAS), such as:

  • Dashboard:  Know what’s going on in your office as all of the headlines are visible on your dashboard.
  • Calendar:  View and manage everyone’s calendar in your company.  (RedVAS’s) free virtual admin support enables them to book your appointments directly into your online and personal calendars.
  • Accounts:  Book keeping platform in partnership with Xero. Login to view your updated book-keeping anytime, any place, anywhere.
  • Administration:  Expense, Time and Task Sheet; Time-off Requests; Training Records.
  • Reports:  Run reports in respect of any of your team members’ activities.
  • Letter Writing:  Write and dispatch your written correspondences.
  • Filing Cabinets:  A wide range of virtual filing cabinets – thus you have access to all of your information, anytime, anyplace, anywhere that there is an internet connection.
  • Employee File:  Containing all of their information, including holiday requests / taken / outstanding.
  • Training:  Internal / external course directories and requests / allocations.
  • Inventory:  Keep a track on all of your assets.
  • Company Admin:  Send out company notices, newsletters, store your HMRC information.
  • Post:  Upload and view your company post.
  • Messages:  Send internal messages for FREE.

With the many demands upon business owners and business per say, it is vital that business embrace technological advances to enable them to maximise the time and resources available to them.

Innovative technological advancements can improve productivity and efficiency for a fraction of the costs associated with employing additional staff.

Using RedVAS as a standalone tool can make a significant cost-effective difference that can enable your business to be accessible 365 days 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

With limited time, resources, and an extensive workload, providing seamless customer service can appear extremely difficult to master.


Companies should as Red Pressures (www.redpressures.co.uk), will work alongside the business and the business owner to improve business efficiency, transparency and improve work-work-life balance.


Yvonne Cherrington DipSW/ MCMI

Managing Director

Red Virtual Administration Services (RedVAS)




About Yvonne Cherrington

Red Virtual Administration Services (RedVAS) is a concept that was developed whilst Yvonne was in her twenties. At that time the name was to be Dots and Commas. Yvonne and Mike are both senior professionals within their professions. Both have vast knowledge and experience in-respect of business administration.
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