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Gold Member Package

Q: What is Red Virtual Administration Services (RedVAS)?

A: Red Virtual Administration Services is a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that supports business to effectively and efficiently complete a wide range of tasks using cloud technologies.  In action this means that all client files and staff human resource files are stored in RedVAS, thus accessible 365 days of the year, 24/7 where there is Wi-Fi.

From each service user file, you can create and store letters, record calendar appointments and so much more.

Q: What is RedVAS?

A: RedVAS stands for Red Virtual Administration Services, it is the abbreviation of the full name.  RedVAS is a personalised CRM.

Q: Do you have a range of packages to suit differing business types and sizes?

A: Yes, the size of the business is irrelevant as each RedVAS is bespoke to meet customer requirements, this blog will focus on our Gold Member Package:

Gold Member Packages is our software package with:

  • Business support to help strengthen business leadership and management and drive business forwards.
  • Gold Member Package also has access to a wide range of leadership and management, social and life-skills resources; This package enables business to have an eco-friendly paperless office that is accessible 365 days of the year, 24/7, accessible worldwide where there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Q: Are templates included in the Gold Member Package?

A: Yes, this package includes a range of start-up templates from available stock including Incident Template, Meeting Template with full reporting mechanisms.

Q: Is training included on how to use RedVAS?

A: Yes, Gold Member Package includes 2 FREE virtual training sessions which is either delivered, directly or remotely (Terms and Conditions apply).  Further training can be provided at additional cost, however, RedVAS is an intuitive system that is easy to navigate  once using it frequently.  Notwithstanding this, there are help guides and training manuals on all aspects of RedVAS.

Q: What type of business is Gold Member Package suitable for?

A: Gold Member Package is suitable for business that only require:

  • RedVAS CRM, with leadership and management training to drive and develop business.  Notwithstanding that RedVAS users can utilise the built in wide range of virtual administration features.
  • This package enables customers to access a wide range of resources that can be used to develop the work force along with invaluable life skills resources for use with service users.

Q: What is included:

  • Armor Security
  • Business Support
  • Training Resource Materials.
  • Life Sills and Training Resource Materials.
  • Sage One Accounting Software.
  • 1 x Website is included.
  • RedVAS access for maximum number of users is included in this price.  Further user licences can be purchased for £1.49 per month per user.
  • 2 Free Virtual training session.
  • 5 RedVAS Templates are included; however, it is usual for Companies to commission their own templates to ensure fitness for purpose for their business.  The cost for this is not included.
  • 5 GB of cloud storage space.

Q: What is the licence fee for?

  • The licence fee contributes to ongoing updating of RedVAS templates.
  • The cost of Armor Data Security Services.
  • The cost of maintaining the Data Server by RedVAS Developer and Security of the Data Server by Armor.
  • We take security of our customer’s data exceptionally seriously thus no expense is minimised and no risk taken with our customers’ data nor their clients data.
  • The costs also contribute to RedVAS Developer back-up costs as all data stored in RedVAS is backed up 4 times a day to minimise the prospect of any data loss.

Q: What is not included:

  • Direct Administration Support,
  • Additional GB storage space.
  • £350 per annum annual licence fee to contribute to ongoing security, save, and maintenance costs.
  • Additional Online web-space (10 GB £50), (20 GB £90).
  • Customised widget making:
  • Prices quoted are ex-VAT.
  • FREE means inclusive of the cost within the 12-month contract.

Advertised prices are subject to change without notice.  All services provided on minimum 12-month contract.


About Yvonne Cherrington

Red Virtual Administration Services (RedVAS) is a concept that was developed whilst Yvonne was in her twenties. At that time the name was to be Dots and Commas. Yvonne and Mike are both senior professionals within their professions. Both have vast knowledge and experience in-respect of business administration.
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