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Risks and Dangers of Company Let’s

Company Lettings

Even if your in a hurry or faced with homelessness or difficult situations, it is important to remember that unfortunately some landlords and their Estate Agents operate ruthless practices that prey on the vulnerabilities of others.  All they see is the opportunity to scam, scam, scam to gain your monies by any way possible.

Remember that when stressed and under duress, you are vulnerable, thus could place yourself or your business into a costly vulnerable situation due to being stressed and harassed then oppressed by underhanded landlords and their Estate Agents who will appear to be very obliging of course as they lure you in.

What is a Company Let?  A company let is where the tenants are in deed the Company and not the individual.Are You Aware of the Differences of a Company Let

What are the advantages of Company Lets? There are many advantages to taking a Company Let for your employees if they are on low wages but the potential of great opportunity potential lays ahead as there are tax benefits of a Company Let which cannot be gained from staff taking on

their on let. Notwithstanding that staff often could not afford to relocate or take on their own tenancy.

Now, the key words are assured tenancy within the meaning of the Housing Act 1988.  Under normal circumstances when you are relaxed you may of course take the opportunity to develop your understanding as to what these significant words actually mean, or you may take legal advice to develop your understanding of what a Company Let actually means in terms of the law and the differences between a company let and an assured tenancy.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme: One of the key differences is that your deposit is not protected under the tenancy deposit scheme and your rights are significantly reduced.  This is something that unscrupulous landlords will hope you do not know as they will be keen to get you into the property

and then wait to tell lies and use every excuse to keep your deposit.

Some landlords may see such circumstances as an opportunity for them to simply fill their boots in the true meaning of the words as they rub their hands together hoping to take your deposit whilst getting you to clean and complete further tasks on their house at your expense and these ruthless people want you to live in their house but not to show any evidence of doing so.

They simply want your money and as much of it as they can possible get as they seek to exploit, exploit exploit you then see themselves as the victim but the individuals experience is the individual’s experience including their evidence of such.  Be warned, these sharks and charlatans enjoy hurting others but are very protective of themselves and their hurt feelings.

We shall supply an example of this in the next instalment of this blog.


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